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City Publications direct mail advertising postcard strategy is designed to produce the highest Qualified Sales Lead Responses available in a target market with the best economics. It is proven, versatile and a measurable marketing channel.

Direct mail will promote your business easily, effectively and affordably. With City Publications you will have a reliable and efficient postcard service program to assure a consistent flow of qualified sales leads for predictable sales results. Thiswill appeal to any sales manager or business owner.

City Publications National Accounts offer

City Publications Direct Mail Pack
Proven Cooperative Direct Mail Advertising

a turn key direct mail service including a proprietary mailing list, graphic artists, and response tools for auditing the campaign. We also blend your printed message with online advertising and link exchanges through our franchise network.

Since we are a franchise, we have local representation and knowledge across the country to offer one on one customer service and marketing advice. This offers you economy of scale with local customer service.

Grow your business, franchise network, dealers around the country and bring profitability through increased product and service revenue streams, overrides, commissions, royalties and franchise sales validations with a City Publications Direct Mail Marketing Campaign.

We are developing preferred relationships regionally and nationally and want to talk with you.

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